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The Game Of Volleyball Explained

Posted by : Kavinesh Arumugam on | Aug 07,2020

Volleyball is a very exciting sports game, loved by millions of people. It often takes the backseat among other popular sports like soccer or basketball, but volleyball is equally attractive and competitive. Volleyball is a year-round game and is not connected to a particular season. It can be played both indoors and outdoors, but those two types of volleyball have slightly different rules which will be explained here. If you want to learn more about the game of volleyball then check out the following information.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Volleyball

            The courts for outdoor and indoor volleyball come in different sizes. Outdoor courts are mostly beach courts and they are significantly smaller than those indoor. Indoor courts are wider and longer because the surface is smoother and players move a lot faster. When it comes to players, indoor volleyball teams are made up of six players for each side on the court. Outdoor or beach volleyball teams are usually made of either two or three players, depending on the competition. Also, outdoor volleyball positions do no matter much and all players contribute to hitting, serving, and blocking the ball. Both outdoor and indoor volleyball are very exciting and people want to bet on them. If you are one of those people and if you want to take advantage of some good bonuses for doing so, then visit for top offers.

            Another difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball is in the ball itself. Indoor balls are a bit heavier and made of a different material than those played on the beach. Outdoor balls are lighter, softer, and a bit bigger than indoor balls. That allows better air float regardless of the weather conditions.

            Finally, the score is kept differently for outdoor and indoor volleyball games. Indoor games are games where the team that wins three sets wins the game. The set is won when a team wins 25 points and winning three sets is a must. If the game is tied at two sets won for each side, then an additional fifth set is played to 15 points. Outdoor volleyball is usually best-of-three sets. Set is won when reaching 21 points and if the game is tied, the final set goes until a team wins 15 points. In both indoor and outdoor versions of the game, the game must be won with a minimum of a two-point advantage over the other team.


            As you can see, both versions of volleyball have pretty straightforward rules and not so many differences. Both are equally exciting and interesting to play, so you should give it a try. Playing volleyball will help you in numerous ways and will make you healthier. Your eye-hand coordination, your speed, muscles, and core strength will all improve over time. If you are looking for a great sport to improve your body and spirit, give volleyball a try. Enjoy the game and have fun with your friends, regardless of which version you choose to play.