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What Is Graphic Design The 10 Main Types Of Graphics Design To Follow In 2022

Posted by : malay bhalodiya on | Mar 15,2022

What Is Graphic Design The 10 Main Types Of Graphics Design To Follow In 2022

No matter what kind of industry is, graphic design always stays in a state of flux. In the last few years, we have seen a vast change in graphic design trends. So, if you are looking to beat the competition and take your brand at its peak, it is vital to know which trends are prevailing and which ones are unworthy.


In this article, we will study 10 main types of graphic design to follow in 2022 and why they are gaining fame worldwide.


Graphic Design Trends 2022


Inclusive Visuals

Serif Fonts again

Custom Brand Visuals

Geometric Fueled Designs

Authentic Hand-Drawn Elements

Nature Imagery

Neon backgrounds

Illustrations and colorful icons

Large typography

Brand memes

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9 Inspirational Trends In Graphic Design For 2022


1. Inclusive Visuals


Inclusive visuals are an important branding trend in 2022. They include people from all walks of life in your graphic designs irrespective of their race, orientation, and gender.


Are you also thinking – why is this trend important?


In the last few years, businesses tried to make as many people feel reality and represented as possible. This trend is also valuable for market research purposes.


2. Serif Fonts Again


As a graphic designer, fonts play a vital role in the industry of brand design. One of the fonts Serif Fonts that has been in fashion since 2016. When we move into 2022, the classic fonts are again expected to enter. We are seeing a graphic designer switch to handwritten scripts and serif fonts for branding. This is an elegant and a calming trend. Indeed!


3. Custom Brand Visuals


In recent years, we have seen a surge in the use of illustrations and custom photos in web design. Isn’t it? From photo collages to minimal flat images, designers look for ways to add creativity and interest back into their designs.


Illustrations and custom-made photos help stand out from the competition. Custom visuals are more tempting than stock photos. It is the human tendency to attract towards unique and attractive things.


So, the next time whenever you go to avail graphic design services, ask for custom brand visuals.


4. Geometric Fueled Designs


Do you know? Pictures are the most common logos in this era. You will find a few geometric shapes either in the typeface or the icon. Illustrative styles and geometric shapes used are growing and we think they would not show signs of going down.


Why is this trend prevalent?


It is visually alluring. Geometric designs are simple and clean making them perfect for branding and logos. As an optional, illustrative graphics are also popular.


5. Authentic Hand-Drawn Elements


It is surprising for you that major brands have indeed grappled with authenticity over the past few years. Featuring real people is a unique way to maintain genuineness. Sometimes it is not possible to take high-quality pictures of customers or models. That is where authentic elements bridge the gap.


Yes, there are many great ways to add a personal touch to the designs. Additionally, hand-drawn elements grab attention among the ocean of largely-produced social media designs.


6. Nature Imagery


In the last few years, nature imagery designs have been seen from website designs to products packaging. It is a great way to add peace and natural beauty to a chaotic world. Besides, nature imagery is connected with positive emotions like joy and happiness.


Are you also looking to add natural beauty to your brand? Use images of flowers and plants in your designs. Choose the photos which suit the design and its background and look engaging.

7. Neon Backgrounds


The style for background colors alters every year. Bold colors, neon colors, and pastel shades are taking over the branding scenery and becoming famous. The reason why neon backgrounds are coming back is that they stand out in a rushed digital landscape. For example – Twitter, the app has adopted neon backgrounds for visuals.


From the brand prescriptive, the neon background makes visual elements like text and icons more understandable by making a color contrast with other designs.  


8. Illustrations And Colorful Icons


In 2022 we will see more illustrations and colorful icons to include personality into branded visuals. These visuals are very helpful and can be used for many digital platforms. This trend is used to add some whimsy and fun to your designs which are essential seeing the current global situation.


9. Large Typography


Along with fonts style, the fonts sizes change from year to year. Large typography was faded away but again made a big comeback in 2022. A large font aids you to stay on the top, and it’s an enjoyable way to add some sole personality to your designs. The large typography is easy to implement into projects like printed materials, websites, and logos.


10. Brand Memes


Brand memes are a new way to grab the audience’s attention, and they are well-known on social media platforms. Memes are a way to display a personality and a sense of humor. And it is thought-provoking to condense this factor of a brand in digital marketing.


Memes are inexpensive and up-to-the-minute to reflect the brand in front of the audience.


Final Words


Brand identity styles are continuously sprouting as per the demands of the users. The 10 graphic design trends we have listed above will make an impact in 2022. Most of the trends are easy to implement into graphic design elements and will also help entrepreneurs convene more positive attention.